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David Inglis Adeline Taylor, of Belle Vue Street Yes
Dean Hokianga (NZ) William Sabiston born 1914 Yes.
Milton Dove (USA) Descendant of Dove / Hudleston family Ask.
Simon Brunton (DE) Grandfather circa.1881/1891 Yes
Sylvia Wright Great Grandmother (Bell) b.1878 Yes
S.Halliday (USA) WWII. / Navy/ St Oswalds Home Yes
Bill Yarrow (AUS) WHT Yarrow,14 Wansbeck St. /1939 Yes
Gillian Smith (CA) Grandmother Maria Brownlea / relatives Yes
Sheila H. Dobbins Winslow Homer Ask
M.Whalenm Micheal Peter Robinson / Belle Vue St. b.circa. 1930's Yes
John Taylor (USA) Mother, Violet Lillian Dick / relatives Yes