John Falconer Slater 1857 - 1937
John Falconer Slater was a Northumbrian artist who exhibited prolifically in his own area. Initially, however, he worked as a bookeeper for his father's corn mill and then ran a store in the diamond fields of South Africa before turning to art as a career. He was a member of the Bewick Club and President of the North East Art Club, based in Whitley Bay.He could be one of the best Northern Impressionist artists, and was expert at depicting the many moods of the North Sea. The last twelve years of his life were spent in Cullercoats (19 St. Oswins Ave)

Collection, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Cullercoats Bay
"Looking towards the beach, this picture focuses on the fishing cobles moored in the bay,
especially the Isabella 120. The unusual viewpoint suggests that the artist is looking across
from another coble moored further out. Short, horizontal brushstrokes evoke the movement
of the waves and the play of light on the water. John Falconer Slater is considered one of the
most versatile and prolific artists that Northumbria has produced. He tackled virtually every type
of subject in almost every form of media." Collection, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne